New planner stickers for the happy planner! (Free Printables)

Posted by: mayra on Aug 23 @ 6:24 pm | 1 comment

Finally I have stickers for the happy planner. I really like how these turned out, I hope you guys enjoy and remember to leave a comment if you download that way I know you guys want more of these. Click the image below to go to the download page.

Also I’m taking suggestions on what kind if stickers you guys want me to make, if you need other icons that I don’t add on my stickers let me know in a comment below and ill be sure to add them on my next set!

Cute Unicorn Planner Stickers (Free Printables)

Posted by: mayra on Aug 19 @ 3:39 am | 0 comments

Here it is, my last random planner stickers. Next set I make will be especially for The Happy Planner. I decided to use popular dimensions since not a lot of people will be able to use these on their planner. I know a lot of people on instagran who use the happy planner so that’s why I picked those sizes to do next. I don’t really know the sizes for the Erin Condren planners but if anyone knows and would like to tell me, I would be more than happy to make some stickers for the life planner too.

Remember to read the Terms Of Use on the sidebar before downloading any files.
I hope you all enjoy and leave a comment if you download<3

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