Tons of Check Lists for you.

Posted by: mayra on Apr 14 @ 2:55 am | 2 comments

Welcome back planner friends<3 before any updates I just wanted to say I'm sorry about my last post. I wasn't trying to go off on anyone. I've realized that I can't force anyone to leave comments on my blog. I do appreciate all the comments you guys left on that post though. I now know that there IS people out there that visit and download my printables, so thank you thank you! It makes me happy that people actually use the stickers. It means a lot because I've never thought my "designs" were good enough.

Also, when I made a FB group I made it thinking not a lot of people would join but now we’re at 200+ members which makes me super happy! It motivates me to make more printable stickers! I know there’s times where i’m MIA and don’t update for a while but I have my personal life and I have my moments so I can’t dedicate my whole life to this even though I would love too because I love the planner world. I also try to make youtube videos on my free time and trying to decide weather to make a planner video or make new stickers for my blog its difficult sometimes LOL.

But anyway, I have new printables.. not so fun but still useful. I made rainbow check lists. The next printables that I will post are going to be a gold/black glitter sticker kit! When will I post the kit? Make sure to come back tomorrow night!!

Click the previews below to go to the download page with more info or simply use the links below

Download PNGs Silhouette Studio Files PDF File

I made this version 2 and these include an extra sheet of pastel colors<3 these are my fav, I hope you enjoy.

Download PNGs Silhouette Studio Files PDF File

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    posted by: Christina Williams on Apr 14 @ 4:43 am

    These are so pretty!! Love! Always need colorful checklists!

    posted by: Stefanie on Apr 27 @ 6:36 pm

    I just discovered your printable stickers! Please don’t stop. Your stuff is beautiful and I can’t wait to start using them. 🙂

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