It’s Washi Wednesday!

Posted by: mayra on May 10 @ 12:09 am | 0 comments

What better day than a Wednesday to share some washi tape strips with you guys! Bright colors and Summer themed! I don’t know about you but i’m putting this washi all over my planner next week on my spread. Here in Texas it’s feeling like summer already with these super hot temperatures, it’s been reaching the 90s °F for the past two weeks.. some flowers are still blooming but are slowly dying from this heat. Where are you guys from? I would love to know! I’ve seen videos on facebook where its still snowing in some places, how can that be possible!? I can complain about this heat all day but i’m glad we get the summer season when we’re suppose too.

Scroll down for the download links or click the preview image below for more info on this printbale.

Download PNGs Silhouette Studio Files PDF File

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