I’m So Sad.

Posted by: mayra on Aug 02 @ 12:19 am | 0 comments

Hey guys, I’m so upset about what happened a few days ago. My laptop stopped working and I had to get it fixed, the only problem with this is that I had to get a new hard drive because it was damaged and I lost everything on my computer. All my files, all my templates to make sticker kits for my blog. My editing programs. All the resources are gone and now I have to start over, i’m so sad that i don’t even have the energy to do it. Even my etsy shop will have to be closed for I don’t know how long because my files are gone. I’ve never lost everything on a computer before, but i know it’s my fault for not having a backup. I just never imagined this would happen so unexpected.

I’m so sorry, but I don’t know when i’ll be able to make more stickers for you. I’m going to start with my etsy shop because they still charge me even when my shop is closed. It was already hard for me to update my blog having a template where I just had to change patterns/colors on everything but now it’s going to be even harder to re-do the whole thing. It was my work of over two years. I just can’t believe everything is gone. Not only planner stuff but my personal documents, photos, youtube videos everything.. I just can’t deal.

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