Do you even like or use my printables?

Posted by: mayra on Apr 02 @ 4:18 am

I honestly don’t even know if anyone prints or likes my printables because I never get any comments or feedback on them. Should I stop making them? I would really like to know. Am I wasting my time and energy? I love making them but honestly if i’m wasting my time posting them for you guys online then I can stop now. I’m not even mad just sad that I never get at least 2-3 comments on my blog posts. How am I suppose to know if people actually print them. I visit my blog expecting one of two comments and nothing! Sorry, maybe i’m feeling down at this moment, maybe even a little unappreciated.

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Spring Functional Planner Stickers

Posted by: mayra on Mar 27 @ 7:48 am

Hello planner friends, welcome back to my blog! I hope you’re having a good spring so far. It’s almost Easter and I wanted to provide you with some Spring/Easter functional stickers for your planner. I hope you all enjoy these and leave me a comment if you do decide to print these. I apologize for not making these sooner but I’ve been really busy trying to grow my youtube channel so please if you haven’t go subscribe. I make planner related videos so if you enjoy Hauls or Plan With Me videos you will like my channel. Also, don’t forget to tag me on instagram @lifewithmaya if you use any of my stickers, I would love to see your spreads.

Click the preview below to go to the download page with more info or simply use the links below

Download PNGs Silhouette Studio Files PDF File
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Remember these printables are for personal use only. If you would like to share these printables please link directly to this printable page, not to the printable file itself. You may share on facebook and any other social media WITH a link to my blog.

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